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Ideas for Using Miss Nancy’s Dried Berries

1. Add dried fruit to all cereal (cooked and dry) for a wonderful breakfast treat.
2. Sprinkle dried fruit over yoghurt, fruit salad or ice cream.
3. Add dried fruit to pancake batter or mix them with maple syrup and serve over French toast or waffles.
4. Dried fruit is particularly good with meat sauces. Serve over poultry, pork, lamb or wild game.
5. Use dried berries to compliment many Asian dishes.
6. Bread stuffing is better with the addition of dried fruit.
7. Dried fruit makes a good addition to rice pilaf or rice pudding.
8. Tuck packages of plain dried fruit into lunch boxes. They make a great snack for kids and adults and they’re low in fat and high in potassium.
9. Add about ˝ cup dried fruit to your favourite apple or peach pie recipe to give it colour and flavour.
10. A basic muffin and cook ie recipe becomes something special when you add dried fruit. Add about 1 cup of dried fruit to a 12-muffin recipe.
11. Give Trail mixes new flavour with the addition of dried fruit.
12. Add dried fruit to your favourite salad. This enhances both the colour and the flavour.
13. As a party treat, combine dried fruit with whole cashew, smoked almonds or walnuts.
14. Liven up a cheese and fruit platter by sprinkling dried fruit on top.
15. Don’t be shy! Use dried berries the same way you use fresh. Dried berries can be re-conditioned by letting them soak in warm water overnight. Coat berries with flour to prevent coloured batter.